After using Neosize XL for the past 6 months I just have to get this off my chest.

If you don’t have time to read the whole review then you can see my before and after photo’s below.

About 6 months ago my girlfriend left me.

She turned into a complete bitch and told me that I just don’t satisfy her properly.

I was kind of heart broken because I’ve always found it difficult to talk to women so when I had her I felt on top of the world.

The truth is that I’ve never liked women getting close to me because I’ve always been embarrassed about the size of my .

It was 5 and a half inches.

Yeah I know that’s average which is ‘fine’ but for me it just wasn’t enough.

I would always keep to myself to avoid the embarrassment of any potential ual encounters.

The only reason I got a girlfriend in the first place was because she came onto me.

But despite me being so shy I opened up to here so when she left it really messed me up.

After moping around for awhile I decided to find out if there was any way to increase the size of my .

I had always heard that  was a giant scam so I had never looked into it.

But now desperate times call for desperate measures so..

I did a bunch of reading around on forums and blogs before I found this product called Neosize XL.

It seemed to have a lot of positive reviews.

And I found this one guy who was combining Neosize XL with jelqing and having good results.

So I decided to order a 6 month supply of Neosize XL because I wanted to really give it a chance.

After they arrived I opened them up and took 1 straight away.

You’re supposed to take 2 per day so I started taking one in the morning and one with dinner.

During the first 2 days I didn’t really notice any changes but I read somewhere that it takes a while to kick in so I wasn’t too worried.

Oh yeah and I also started jelqing for 10 minutes per day.

After about 3 days of taking them I was watching some  (as you do as a single man.) and when I got an  I realized that my  was a lot harder and fuller looking than usual.

I couldn’t say for sure at the time whether it was because of the Neosize XL but I could definitely feel a change.

After 2 weeks though I knew for sure that it was working.

I was getting s a lot more often and they were titanium hard and much bigger than I had ever had before.

I would say that within 2 weeks my  was at least a quarter of an inch bigger than when I started.

Oh yeah and when I would  I would  a lot!

Before I started taking the pills I would  about 5 squirts but now I was ming about 9-10 squirts so my orgasms lasted longer and felt incredible.

For 6 months I carried on taking the Neosize XL pills and jelqed for 10 minutes per day and to this day my results have been life changing.

My Neosize XL Results.

In the space of 6 months I have grown about an inch..

So I went from average to above average in just 6 months!

As well as the size increase I also;

  • Get harder s.
  •  a lot more.
  • Get s more often.

But the best thing of all is how much my confidence has grown.

I went from being shy and introverted to happy and outgoing.

It feels so good to be able to walk down the street and feel confident enough to talk to any woman that I see.

And in the last 2 months since I’ve been through these changes I’ve had  3 times and it’s been amazing.

They were definitely satisfied.

One of the girls I slept with is friends with my ex girlfriend.

Now I guess she must have told my ex what a great night we had because now I hear through the grapevine that my exgirlfriend wants me back.

No chance.

I’m having too much fun!

So I’ll finish off by saying that I’m very thankful that I found Neosize XL and I definitely recommend it.

And make sure you buy Neosize XL from the right website.

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